Ophthalmology EHR Backup

Remote backup services for Ophthalmology practices

Your EHR software contains critical data, without which your practice could not function to the detriment of patient care. Be sure that your EHR data is protected from technical malfunctions, human error and natural disasters by using our Ophthalmology EHR backup services and ongoing technical aid.

We secure your database every night to protect all information, including schedules, billing data, patient information and more.

EHR Remote Backup Benefits

These are just a few of the many reasons providers choose 1st Provider's Choice for their Ophthalmology EHR software backups:

  • We ensure your Ophthalmology EHR data is protected 24/7.
  • We configure custom backups so that data gets saved periodically.
  • We perform remote backup monitoring and maintenance.
  • We store all EHR data on highly secure cloud servers.

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