EHR-Integrated Practice Management Software

A comprehensive Ophthalmology PM solution

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Our EHR-integrated Ophthalmology Practice Management software comes with all the tools necessary to perform scheduling, billing and data entry tasks simply and efficiently. The software removes unnecessary steps for both billing and clinical and staff by ensuring that data transfers seamlessly between the Practice Management system and EHR.

Our software is HIPAA compliant and ICD-10 ready.

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment scheduling module of our Ophthalmology EHR software comes with the following benefits:

  • Add patients to billing system from scheduling window
  • Schedule appointments from the patient's chart
  • Manage schedules for several physicians and offices
  • Send automatic appointment reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Keep track of missed appointments


Our Ophthalmology PM’s advanced billing module improves charge capture rates and streamlines data entry procedures. It includes built-in pre-claim analytics that decrease the number of rejected claims by requiring the documentation of authorization information. The software can be modified to suit your practice's needs so that only authorized staff have access to account balances, insurance information, co-payments and other billing data.

Other PM Features

Our Ophthalmology EHR/PM software comes with over 400 reporting templates that allow users to compare data, process analytical assessments, create custom reports and more. Additional features include:

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